Sunverge Solar Integration System

The Sunverge Solar Integration System (SIS) is an intelligent distributed energy storage system that captures solar power and delivers it when needed most. It combines batteries, power electronics, and multiple energy inputs in a UL-certified appliance controlled by software running in the cloud. The SIS is a utility-grade product designed for the consumer market.

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It is possible to create win-win scenarios for public utilities and customers by leveraging the diverse services that energy storage can provide. This white paper by Navigant Research featuring Sunverge Energy, Inc. highlights key advantages public power entities have to develop new relationships with customers if they embrace energy storage in an intelligent way.

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Sunverge SIS at the Site

SIS units are installed at homes and businesses, integrating with new or existing solar systems, and connect to the grid and the local electricity supply. Each unit runs applications to automatically lower electricity bills, improve reliability, and protect the grid.

Sunverge SIS at the Site

The unit monitors solar generation, electricity demand, utility price signals, and battery capacity in real-time, prioritizing operations in response to what is happening at the site and on the grid. As conditions change over time, the unit adapts. The SIS functions automatically without the need for active involvement or behavioral change from energy consumers.


If the site is generating more solar power than it needs, the excess is stored for future use.


When the grid goes down, the unit provides solar backup power to the site.


When electricity prices are high, the unit dispatches both solar and stored power to reduce consumption.


As energy consumption patterns change, the unit adapts to serve the demand and “shape” the load.

Sunverge SIS at the Site

When integrated with intelligent thermostats, electric vehicles, and other smart devices, the SIS unit orchestrates use of these resources to optimize the overall use of power.

Sunverge SIS at the Site


Real-time command and control of generation, storage, and load control resources

Configurable programs for automated operations

Built-in metering and monitoring for detailed reporting and analytics

Remote configuration, upgrades, and version management

Autonomous operations in event of communication outages

Mobile applications for customer engagement

Sunverge SIS on the Grid


As units are deployed at customer sites, a virtual power plant of solar and storage resources is built. Aggregated power and energy is reserved, scheduled, and dispatched across the fleet of units. On top of this distributed platform the virtual power plant provides services tailored to the needs of the grid.

Sunverge SIS on the Grid


The virtual power plant operates both automatically and on-demand. Units respond to load patterns across circuits and feeders, shaping the load to localized needs. Voltage and frequency are kept in optimum ranges with units injecting and absorbing real and reactive power based on the real-time state of the distribution network.

Sunverge SIS on the Grid


As events occur on the grid, units are orchestrated to provide a flexible response. Integration with utility systems allows for more automated and data-driven control. As for the consumer at the site, the virtual power plant prioritizes its operations to adapt to changing conditions on the grid in real-time, and changing needs for the utility over time.

Sunverge SIS on the Grid


Fleet-wide capacity forecast, reservation, scheduling, and dispatch

Real-time reporting on system status and metrics

Data warehouse for advanced analytics

System health and performance monitoring

Web applications for fleet management and operations

Web Services APIs for integration

Why Customer-Sited Storage?

Placing storage at the customer site expands the number of services provided, delivers them more effectively, and ultimately captures the most value for owners and operators.

Maximizes the value of local energy resources by targeting exactly where needed on the grid

Optimizes operations with real-time data and situational awareness of generation and loads

Avoids land-use issues in dense urban areas of the grid

Engages customers with personalized applications for energy management

Offers the greatest potential for deployment at scale

Built for Reliability and Safety

  • UL certified for indoor and outdoor use
  • Safeguarded by multiple layers of hardware and software controls
  • Active and passive cooling for operations in high temperatures
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and management
  • Protected by a 10-year warranty

Utility Grade Asset

  • UL 1741 and IEEE 1547.1 for Utility-interactive inverters and converters
  • UL 1778 and UL 1989 for Batteries
  • UL 1778 for Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • UL 60730-1 for Automatic Electrical Controls

Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Single-point connections for PV, grid, and critical (UPS) loads
  • Bolted ground mounting
  • Modular and removable components
  • Remote commissioning, troubleshooting, and monitoring